About Us


Founded in 2015, Shenzhen CPSON Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive technology service provider committed to the construction of digital twin cities and serving smart cities


BIM Technical Services
By using the visual and simulable characteristics of BIM technology, the general layout, building facade, interior layout, fine decoration, green building and other schemes are compared, analyzed and selected, and the traffic organization, personnel evacuation and building performance are analyzed.


Green building sponge
It is committed to scientific and technological research on green environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, ecological and environmental sustainability, and environmental pollution control. It uses professional technologies and professional teams to explore the road of urban green development, create low-carbon and environmentally friendly cities and ecological environments, and build a better life together.


Green building sponge
Make videos according to the materials provided by all parties and use them to participate in the competition or promote the project, so as to improve the popularity of the project and the enterprise.